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We have four or five hummers that entertain us all day long...

If you look carefully you can see this gal's tongue - looks...

The high wind today was really swinging the feeder giving the hummers...

We had a little light snow here today & accumulation on the...

(Ron Writing) We go to Arizona in the winter to enjoy warm sunny weather and usually that’s what we get. This week is different. It’s colder now in Congress than it has ever been during our previous three winters here. Tonight at 9 PM it’s already down to 26° and is forecast to drop to 22° before morning. We can easily stay warm in our little home but we need to take special precautions to keep the tanks and pipes from freezing. Our trailer is not built to “live” in freezing weather like some of the “four seasons” RVs. This cold spell is expected to last a few days with temperatures below freezing for the next several nights.

At least the wind has died down. Today it was blowing about 20 mph with temperatures in the 30’s so the chill factor was way too cold to enjoy any time outdoors. We manage to keep busy catching up on our indoor projects.

In the 12-21-10 entry I wrote about the new temperature/pressure relief valve John and I installed in our water heaters. That modification has worked out really well. Now every time we turn on the water heater the valve relieves the excess pressure in the system and allows about a cup of water past the valve and out the drain hose. This indicates that prior to adding this new valve the pressure in the system regularly exceeded 75 pounds as the water heated. We don’t know how high it actually got but there’s no sense stress testing the system every day.

Elena has been feeling much better lately and is about back to her normal routine and activities. We are thankful for good medical care by all the EMTs, ambulance personnel, nurses, and doctors. Now we’re hoping the medical insurance meets our expectations.

I’ve really only had a couple nice days to work outdoors since Christmas. I did make good progress on one of my projects. I’ll have it finished once I get another day of nice weather and will then report on it.

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