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In this part of Wales you are almost falling over ruined castles on whatever road you drive. Heading down towards Monmouth we came across the magnificent ruins of Raglan Castle. Sir William ap Thomas began building the Great Tower and South Gate around 1435. However it was his son William Herbert, who transformed Raglan into a fortress-palace. It was here that Henry Tudor, the future King Henry VII, spent some of his childhood. In its time Raglan was amongst the grandest homes in Tudor and Stuart Britain with fabulous gardens, orchards and a deer park.

Just outside Monmouth we found the Kymin located high on a hill with magnificent panoramic views of the Brecon Beacons and the Wye Valley. It was a favourite place of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton with its Georgian banqueting house and Naval Temple.

On exploring the countryside north of Monmouth we found the White castle which had once again great views of the surrounding countryside.

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