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(Ron Writing) I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by getting some work done around the house. Both yesterday and today it’s been in the mid 70’s with no wind and no clouds – perfect weather.

Yesterday I did several small maintenance and repair jobs on the house and also spent quite a bit of time giving the house batteries a good cleaning. Today I added a new 120v power outlet in the bathroom. The trailer came with just one outlet in the bathroom and that one was above the sink area. When it’s cold we use an electric heater in the bathroom in the evenings while taking our showers. It was always awkward having the heater cord plugged in above the sink. Now we have a nice duplex outlet in the corner of the room down near the floor. It was a bit of a chore because of the tight spaces in which I needed to work.

Progress on these projects is also slowed because I get to visiting with the neighbors. This beautiful weather has everyone outdoors doing things.

(Elena Writing) I've started giving the inside of the trailer the annual cleaning that it really needs. It'll take a couple more days to wipe down the walls and ceiling to complete the general cleaning.

I'm off to a good start in with a couple of exercise classes. The aerobics class offers a walking video followed by stretching exercises and using weights. I've enjoyed my tai chi class twice a week. I feel like the "Energizer Bunny" after an hour's workout.

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