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Ready to go after a short wait

In the bird

Columbia River Valley

Frosty trees

Low Ceiling


Looking down...

Trees from above


Nearly home

Happy to see the spire again

Dave leads the way

Our new friend Colin

Through the trees

Beacon practice

Dale and George find the pack

Day 2 - Penny in the Powder

Dale waits his turn



Lunch at "The Abyss"





Starting out on Day 3

John and George

Ena in the lead

Penny with Mista Vista in the backgroun\d

Backs to the wind

Ready to ski

Penny leads


Dale with the free heal

A bit of snow on the roof of the green house

The Lodge


Skis are ready for tomorrow

Our room with a view

Evening light

Grant whipped up an apple pie!

Day 4 looks like a clear one!


Dave ready to lead

Us ready to follow

Great views today!



Heading up the Grindle Glacier










Nearly there

Heading down

Big mountain, little Dale



Lunch time




On the way to the Whale Back






Getting ready




Have any fun George?

John, we know what happens next!

Up for another run



One last run on Leprechan

A happy George

Wow, sushi in the backcountry!


Moonlight over Mistaya

Day 5 - looking good!





Barbette with frosting



On the way to the Ophidian Glacier








Admiring the spire

The gang



On the glacier


The Spire from behind

Looking back at Barbette

Now that's a cornice!

Happy, Happy

Me and my shadow

Can you spot the lodge

Snow ripples

Nearly at the top

Somewhere over the rainbow

John the leprechan?

Admiring the view of the Ayesha Glacier

More views


Dave at home

Heading to the top of Nexus Peak



Dave and the frosty repeater

Knocking off the forst

Booting it back down

Glacier Skiing





A great long run down

George, back at the top....

...but not for long

John's second run

Dale's turn

Here comes George

Pam on the tele skis

Ena below the spire

Penny and Dale

Last night's light



Mistaya Lodge

Beautiful Sunrise




The group


Dave's girls

Flying out


Valley Fog

Hmmmm, how do we get through that?

Back from another great ski trip at Mistaya Lodge. We've made our trip to Mistaya an annual event and this year was one of our best winter trips! It was snowing when we arrived (we were lucky to be able to fly in), continued to snow for 3 days, then cleared off. So we had fabulous knee deep powder in the trees for 3 days and then were able to get up high on the glaciers. Even bagged a peak when we booted to the top of Nexus so that Dave could clear off the frosty radio repeater. Our friends Ena, John and George joined us at the lodge and there was only one other guest, Colin, staying at the lodge with us. Guiding us and keeping us safe were Dave and Penny and Grant cooked up some fantastic food! Can't ask for much more than great conditions, guides, company and food. And it didn't hurt that we were skiing well either:-)

Oh, and how often do you get to see a rainbow in the winter?!

We'll be back next year!

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