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The Bat Wing Butterfly (look closely)

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Touring the Butterfly Display at the Tucson Botanical Gardens was a fun and interesting day. The Butterfly Magic starts in October-November with U.S. butterflies then in December come butterflies from Australia, in January they come from Africa, in February from Asia and in March-April the butterflies that had not hatched before, wiggle their way out of their chrysalis or pupa to become adults. The Garden has a special nursery where the chrysalis live in controlled conditions until they have developed to adulthood and are ready to spread their wings. Can you guess how little and how big some butterflies can get? They range in size from 1/2 inch up to a 12 inch wing span! Do you know what the temperature has to be before tropical butterflies can fly? Their body temperature has to reach 85 degrees. There are about 17,500 different species in the world. Most adults only live 1-3 weeks but some of the tropical ones live up to 18 months. Can you guess how the Butterfly Garden in Tucson, Arizona gets their tropical butterflies? They are raised by farmers in tropical countries throughout the world and the pupa's are shipped to the gardens so they can become adults. The day we were there, there were over 30 different species in the garden and many more in the nursery waiting to become adults. We got some to land on our hands, one little girl had one land on her ankle but they fly so fast, they are hard to photograph!

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