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View on our way up into the hills


Steve is not happy that Ken has pinched his wife!!

Our walk through the rainforest









Now Steve is happy - he has his Laurie back again

Views from the National Park

This is where we stopped for coffee

Happy New Year!! So how did you farewell the old and welcome the new? We are not the greatest party goers so we had a very quiet one (as we usually do). We were going to go down to Mooloolaba where there were festivities and fireworks but ended up staying at home with a nice glass of wine and a movie. Slept through the changing of the years and awoke to 2010. Bella (the cat we are looking after) obviously decided the new year was the time to turn over a new leaf as she came out of hiding from under the bed and is allowing us to pat and cuddle her.

After a slow start to the morning we packed up a picnic stopped off at Laurie and Steve's to administer a bit of first aid (Steve cut his foot last night) and invited them to join us in a picnic up to Mapleton. This is a little town up in the hills - yet another quaint place to visit. Laurie had some mail for us and whilst most of it was lovely (birthday and Christmas cards and gifts) one of them was from Mary, our next door neighbour in Willetton, giving us the very sad news that her husband, Mick, had passed away in October. We were absolutely stunned to hear this and obviously very, very saddened. :(

After dealing with this we then headed off for our drive. After a short stop off at the little town site we headed out to the Mapeleton National Park and water fall.We enjoyed a picnic lunch then Ken and I walked along the track through the rainforest. It was so beautiful and cool - though a bit muddy after the rains. Laurie and Steve waited for us at the picnic site as Steve's sore foot did not lend itself to bush walking. This was a beautiful walk and it felt so good to be in this kind of environment again. I really do miss the walking - we haven't done it for a while. We finally found the waterfall but it wasn't really flowing much - obviously not enough rain lately. The view though was spectacular. On the way home we stopped off at a garden centre for a coffee and a browse through the shop. A really nice day :)

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