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Point of No Return...School Class Across the Way

Point of No Return Memorial...More School Kids

Memorial & More Kids

VooDoo Parade...Chief in Middle

More VooDoo Parade

And Still More Parade

Then the Honored Ones in Parade

Parade From Behind

Arriving at Destination?!

Parade Crowd

Dohmey Kings Reigns

Interesting Carving

Fetishes in ??/or Old Sacred Tree?!

Since no go on visas to Djibouti we decided after some discussion to stop in Togoville on our way out of Togo. At Hotel Le Lac in Agbodrato we hired a pirogue to cross Lake Togo. As the historic center of voodoo in Togo Togoville is a bust, we saw not a single fetish but many fishermen on the lake tossing their nets and catching a few tiny silvery fishes. The lake is never more than waste deep so many of those fishing were just standing in the water.

Hiked back to the highway, caught a taxi which barely made it to Ouidah, Benin having engine trouble half the way stopping at least 5 times to clean out his gas line or deconstruct his carborator of something! End result we arr in Oidah late afternoon, the zemijohn(motorbike) drivers pissed off Bon so bad we ended up walking 3 km to Oriki Maquis Hotel to find that it was closed for repairs. Luckily Mari stopped a fellow driving by and he took pity on us, driving us to Oasis Hotel where we checked in in darkness, our favorite time to arrive, ha! A shower does wonders, with humidity over 100 per cent it helps to bring us back to life, especially after a dinner of fresh pineapple and chez/peanut butter sandwitch in our room.

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