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The road to Adelaide. Challenging.

Dartmoor!!? Right! Quick game!! Guess the distance to Adelaide!!

A total of 537 km (332 miles). Great. Best be off then!

We made it to the State of South Australia! Speed limit is...

The Christmas tree in Adelaide, next to erm... blue skies! It was...

The giant santa in Adelaide city square.

Last night we stayed in Warrnamabool (I think that's how it's spelt!) at a lovely little hostel which was spoken very highly of in the Lonely Planet! The LP is cool for looking up hostels, but it's maps are dire. We often get lost looking for hostels!!

Today we woke up early and decided to make a run for Adelaide!

After all - it's only 600km (400 miles!)

We bombed up through the State of Victoria and into Southern Australia. The journey was vast but we arrived in Adeliade around 5pm!

The city is beautiful. It's very leafy and relaxed - much smaller than it's bigger brother Melbourne. Since yesterday the weather has been great!

32C and climbing! The sun cream is officially back on and the shorts are on!

Adelaide is not a backpacking town, which is a shame because it's really impressive - clean, safe and cheap! It seems to be used as a spring board to Uluru (look it up if you don't know what it is - muppet!) or Perth.

Tomorrow is a big day - we are going to bendigo then on to Melbourne. 800km.

Our car is holding out but there is a lot of dead flys on the front of it. The things are everywhere!

Both Melbourne and Adelaide are great cities. They have lots of greenery and are easy to get around. Competition for backpackers is high, so there are lots of deals to be had. At the hostel we stayed at (Cannon Street Backpackers) they dished out free apple pie and ice-cream everynight at 8pm! Helen and Gareth were so excited that theyt got back from town just in time! When they asked at reception where the apple pie was, the guy said it wasn't ready yet. What?! Was it late...?

It turns out that Adelaide is in a DIFFERENT TIME-ZONE to Melbourne! We had no idea! So for the first 4 hours we were there our watches were wrong.

But get this... Adelaide is HALF AN HOUR ahead of Melbourne. The time change takes place at the State Line. There were no signs though... So... maybe the time change is just for those 'in the know'?!

We've heard that the New Zealand owned Chatham Islands are 45 minutes behind the mainland. Totally loopy.

Welcome to the South Pacific.

Give me some GMT or BST any day of the week.


Lots of love Helen and Gareth x x x

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