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outside a temple in little india

our gorgeous curry!

the Petronas towers

celebrating 50 years with the 4th highest tower in the background


looking up at the coaster

singing their little hearts out!

trendist guys in town at the imax!

the theme park

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at the towers, with fantastic commentry

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wooooo hoooooo!

Hey guys, we ahve travelled up to the capital of malaysia to the home of the world famous Petronas towers.

We arrived yesterday and have managed to see quite alot in the last 1 and half days!

Chris came up with us aswell on the bus, and we were suprised how hot it is here. It seems hotter here than in did in Singapour which is closer to the equator.

Anyway we looked for a cheap hostel for ages, lugging our back pacs around, I was not a happy bunny I tell ya, but we found one in the end and it was cheap and clean, a double whammy!!

We all went around chinatown and little india (all the towns have one it seems!) and saw a few temples and had the best curry eva for tea! It was getting dark by then and we saw the petronas towers lit up in the distance so set off on a mission to walk to them.

It took us about half an hour but it was worth it, they look fantastic and are star shaped which is alot different to the square skyscrapers we have seen so far! We had numerous photos took in front of them and then went to a pretty cool bar for a beer!

The bar looked like sommat out of the jungle, all bamboo and twine, smart anyway!

The next day we went to a shopping mall that someone told us had a theme park inside it!

We wasnt really sure what she meant but wow when we got there it was amazing!! We were in a 13 story shopping mall and abve our heads was a huge rolla coster! AS IF!

We were straight up there, it was pretty cool the theme park covered 3 storeys and the coster wound itself around all the rides and and levels. We paid 3.50 quid for a all day pass so we could go on everything as many times as we wanted, it was unreal!

We spent a few hours in there, then we went into a karioke booth and sung our hearts out! I chose living on a prayer and we drew quite a crowd outside singing at the top if our voices, it was well funny! lol! (there a alot of these booths everywhere, they are obsessed with it over here!)

Then we went to the imax theater upstaris and watched a cool 3d film about sharks. Then we had 2 games of ten pin bowling and went to the arcades! Finally we went back to the coster for a few more gos! Man we had such a good day, it was great and we never even left the mall!

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