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Took a night bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok where i met another English girl, Danielle. The bus was ok - a lot better than some of the South American ones apart from we were sitting next to the stinking toilet all was absolutely digusting making it impossible to sleep as was concentrating so hard on not being sick from the foul smell!

We booked to go on a 3 day trek to the jungle to see the hill-tribes and also a day on a Thai cooking course - the 2 main activities backpackers come to Chiang Mai for.

Chiang Mai is a nice city - a lot quieter & cleaner than Bangkok and i liked it straight away. We visited some (more) temples and met some Buddhist monks who we had a very interesting talk with about Buddhism, their life as monks etc. Felt like a total idiot when i introduced myself to him and tried to shake his hand, not realising they're not allowed to touch women - he nearly died of shock!!

The cookery school was great too, made some delicious food, have lots of new recipies and will definitely be testing out my new found skills on everbody when i get home!

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