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On the Way Home in Mumbai, India

Karin Meets Us at Logan Airport in Boston

Boston, MA

Countries Visited: 6

Days Away: 90

Distance Traveled: 42,879 km

Distance Traveled Overland: 9880 km

Number of Airplane Flights: 8

Number of Bus Trips: 32

Number of Train Trips: 3

Number of Boat Trips: 18

Overnight Rides: 7 (1 Plane, 1 Boat, 2 Buses, 3 Trains)

Longest Travel Day: 14 hours (Sihounakville to Bangkok)

Number of Different Hotels: 46

Credit Card Transactions: 17

Fees Paid for those Transactions: $60.29

Dollars Spent on Laundry: $0

Dollars Spent on Visas (Including Extensions and Bribes): $514

Average Daily Expenditure: $45.08

Books Read: 15

Photos Taken: 2644

Photos Posted to Trip Journal: 1417

Coldest Temperature: 6°C (43°F) Delhi, India

Hottest Temperature: 39°C (102°F) Angkor, Cambodia

Days of Rain: 4

Days of Illness: 1 (Ann in Luang Prabang, Laos)

Electorlyte Packets Consumed: 3

Different Beers Tasted: 13

Disposable Chopsticks Used in China Annually: 45,000,000,000

Our Contribution to the 2006 Total: 22

Traffic Accidents Witnessed: 4

Fatalities: 1

Hotels That Threw Us Out: 1, Old Darling Hotel, Hanoi, VietNam

Mice Spotted: 5

Rats Spotted: Hundreds, but only in Mumbai, India

Longest Time without Internet Access: 4 Days, from Savannakhet, Laos to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Messages Received on Trip Journal: 192

Longest Stay: 6 Nights, Luang Prabang, Laos

Favorite Counrty: India

Favorite Foriegn Word: Kem (Vietnamese for Ice Cream)

Favorite Game: Chinese Menu Surprise

Friendliest Local: Phong, Green Discovery Representative in Luang Nam Tha, Laos

Least Favorite Local: Man at Bus Stop in Hekou, China

Most Expensive Hotel: Shapura House, Jaipur, India ($40)

Least Expensive Hotel: Shanti Lodge, Agra, India ($3.11)

Best Meal: Sankrati Feast, Tenali, India

Most Expensive Meal: Tea at the Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand ($55.30)

Most Unique Food: Fried Spiders

Best Sunset: Rice Terraces, Yuanyang, China

Best Sunrise: Don Khong Island, Laos

Favorite Beer: Beer Lao

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