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(Ron Writing) A friend just reminded us it’s been a long time since we wrote in the blog. I guess it’s time to catch up once.

On November 19 we left North Ranch and drove to my sister’s house in Prescott Valley, AZ. We spent the night there and the next morning we all left to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and brother-in-law in Rancho Cordova, CA. This was the 28th successive Thanksgiving that my two sisters and I along with spouses have spent together – every year since our mother passed away. We had a nice time and the weather cooperated. This year one of my nephews also joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.

Before we left North Ranch I looked at the weather forecast and the low temperatures for the next 10 days was supposed to get down to a rather cold 33°. It usually doesn’t get that cold until January. This is our fourth year here and we’ve never had freezing weather in November and generally only a couple days of freezing weather even in January or February. The second night we were away the forecast changed to predictions of lows in the mid 20’s. That’s not good for a trailer like ours that hasn’t been winterized. I called our friend Don and arranged for him to drain our trailer’s fresh water tank and water lines, turn on the furnace to its lowest setting, open the cabinet doors and plug our trailer into an outlet on his trailer. He also wrapped a blanket around some exposed drain pipes to keep them from freezing. Thanks to all his efforts we had no problems and the trailer was fine when we returned on Sunday, November 28.

It was cold here all the time we were gone and was still cold yesterday. It never got above the mid 40’s and there was a stiff wind all day which really made it feel cold. We did a few chores around the house and kept busy catching up on some chores we’ve neglected while traveling and being away for a week. Last night it got down 29° again but the next few nights are forecast to stay above freezing – we’ll see.

Today the weather was beautiful so I spent the day working outdoors. Besides several small jobs I rotated the tires on the trailer. The tires are all wearing nice and evenly but I rotate them so that all four plus the spare tire get the same amount of wear.

Last Sunday we moved the trailer from the dry camping area ($5/day) to a site with full hookups ($11.67/day plus electric). We’re in the same part of the campground where we’ve spent the last three winters; in fact we’ve been in this very same site at least once or twice before. The site next to us is still vacant and we hope it stays that way until our friend John gets here in a couple weeks.

Elena went to her very first Tai Chi class this morning. She enjoyed it and plans attend this class two mornings a week and to attend line dancing class three mornings a week. She’s encouraging me to go but so far she hasn’t been successful!

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