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Washington Park



Day of the Great Debate

William H.L. Wallace

Stopped in Ottawa on my way to Chicago. It is reported that 10,000 people stood in Washington Square to hear the first Lincoln Douglas debate. Lincoln argued that the constitution stated that all men are created equal and slavery should be abolished. Douglas argued that each state should decide that question on their own- "popular sovereignty." On a long wall facing the square there is a wonderful mural called " Day of the Great Debate." There are 6 murals in Ottawa - I only found 3 and was able to take pictures of 2. The first was at the square and the second , that of a hometown hero, William H.L.Wallace, was over a storefront.

Also in Ottawa is that last remaining toll booth from the I and M Canal ( Illinois and Michigan) This canal, built in 1848, ran 96 miles and connected the Great lakes with the Mississippi River. Most of the canal has been repurposed for recreational use. I had never heard about this until visiting Ottawa. I learn something new everyday!

Colin and I went out with friends this evening and had a lovely time. Nice to be with family.

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