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Jake, the snake. Pet in the campground office. He is a native...

After finishing Butterfly Trail, we were enjoying the scenery and lighting so much this morning, that we decided to check out the Petrified Dunes Trail that spurred off of the Butterfly trail. The P.D. trail was only a mile with some steep and uneven surfaces, but it was fun to climb to the top (nearly) of a Navajo sandstone petrified dune and it's surrounding outcroppings. They say some of the dunes are up to 2,500 feet thick. They call these slick rocks, at least when they are wet. When dry, they are tacky and easy to grip and climb on. This particular area had a lot of stair steps and tiny little balls, some on top of the sandstone and some almost melted into it. What a crystal clear day it has been and provided for some great pictures.

This is a beautiful area. The park was established in 1959. We found out that parts of the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Electric Horseman and Jeremiah Johnson movies were filmed in this canyon. It was so fun exploring and hiking here. We'll come back here for sure. We left some things to do for our next visit. Tomorrow we are off to Zion.

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