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The weather in Dodge City was down right dangerous. I had checked into the hotel and an hour later sheets of water were coming down the window of my room. Flood warnings were issued, a tornado was spotted a few towns away, and hail stones were possible. This morning I went to the breakfast room and watched the weather channel and more of the same was in store. Things looked brighter going east SO---- I got out of Dodge!

I waited for a lull on the rain and started driving toward Kansas City. Things actually did get better about 25 minutes into the drive. I made it to Liberty MO safely and with no bad weather in the forecast for a few days.

My plans have been completely altered. There was no stopping in Wichita. I will not be seeing the Detroit Tiger baseball game at Kaufman Stadium on Tuesday. Rain is predicted until Thursday in this area. Whether or not I stop in Springfield IL is up for grabs. Should make it to Chicago by Monday.

This has been the rainiest trip ever but everyone in the west and midwest needs the rain so badly that I find it selfish to complain.

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