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Lava Tube

It's a big one

Nice contrast

Layers of sandstone



I'm up high. The guys have a hike ahead of them.

Looking at the south valley from above


Our co-worker and friend, Harrison. Thanks for hiking with us.


Hiking down from the top of the mountain



Nice spot of yellow

Lots of lava in this river bed


Hanging on the oak tree, a plant gall

What was inside

We got up and out on the trail early, so that it wasn't so hot. The Butterfly Trail was a 2 mile moderate hike. It had some steep slopes, steps and uneven surfaces. Winding along the west side of the Petrified Dunes. When we got near the top, there was a lava tube. Harrison went down in to check it out. He said it went for a long ways and was no problem for him to stand up in it. Very dark though, even with his head lamp. There was a nice overlook of the West Canyon. A perfect morning. We are going to the Petrified Dunes next.

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