Second Time Around travel blog

Still smiling

We have flown

1 Seattle to Amsterdam

2 Amsterdam to Casablanca

3 Casablanca to Athens

4 Athens to Iraklion (Crete)

5 Iraklion to Athens

6 Athens to Santorini

7 Santorini to Athens

8 Athens to Istanbul

9 Istanbul to Bangkok

10 Bangkok to Melbourne

11 Melbourne to Sydney

12 Hervey Bay to Lady Elliot Island

13 Lady Elliot Island to Bundaberg

14 Bundaberg to Hervey Bay

15 Brisbane to Sydney

16 Sydney to Yalara

17 Alice Springs to Darwin

18 Darwin to Perth

19 Perth to Adelaide

20 Adelaide to Melbourne

21 Melbourne to Honolulu

22 Honolulu to Kona

23 Kona to Honolulu, and now

24 Honolulu to Seattle

I am starting to dislike air travel. I'm thinking of freight ship travel. Maybe a cross-Atlantic trip would make a good reality check on that notion.

I would not cruise unless it was practically free.

My passport expires next January. As most countries want at least six months left on it when you show up, I'll be homebound after June. The passport has exactly one blank page left. Not that I want to spend a bunch of money to get one last stamp.

On the other hand, one more Intrepid trip and I qualify for an $1800 credit toward another trip.

Well, we'll see.

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