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Wecome New Mexico


Drive to Gallup

Drive to Gallup

Drive to Gallup

Welcome to Gallup New Mexico

Our drive to Gallup New Mexico was just like the other drives. Exits are far and few with only 1 place to stop for gas and supplies. It is desolate in this part of the country but as you see by the pictures it is pretty. We are awe-struck by the beauty of the this area, nothing like back east where there is not any open space as we are seeing. Not much today other then we arrived at the campground and found out it is located at the end of the airport runway. All that flies here are small planes but during the day it appears they are only 50 feet above us taking off.

I did pick up a book at the National Park Visitor Center entitled Code Takers. It is about the Navajo Indians that were in World War II with the Marines in the Pacific fighting battles. Their language was used as a code that was never broken by the Japanese during the war. It is an interesting book because it does mention the hometowns of the Navajo that were recruited. Towns we have been in or passed thru like Williams Arizona, Gallup New Mexico but it should be since the Navajo Reservation is here. It is the largest reservation in the United States. That was it for today.

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