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Nipika - Rocky Mountain Cabin

Nice views!

John is ready to ski

Crunchy skiing

Kootenay River

Back at the ranch

The historic cabin

Late afternoon light

Dale plays a little 1 on none hockey

Dinner prep

mmmm, salmon wellington

The first supper

Day 2, more snow!

John and Ena


Pat and Janet

John on the "natural" bridge

Where we'll ski next time

John, Dale, Clive and Janet

Looking down the valley

The gang

Frozen river


Photography practice






A dog's eye view

Birthday Boy

Can't turn 60 without a little humiliation

A good sport

A birthday toast

The speach

The second supper

George and Carolyn cooked up a delicious curry

What a cake - yes that is John!

Getting the candles ready....

How many candles?

Good thing there weren't 60!

Careful cutting

George tunes up

Rod can't decide - grape or grain

Carolyn and George

Dale enjoys the show

Clive joins in



The audience


Ena and John sing along

George on the harp

John's turn


It all comes back to him

Post concert fun


Hockey geeks

14km, slowly

It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating our friend John's 50th birthday. But apparently 10 years have gone somewhere because John invited us to join him, Ena and a group of friends at Nipika Resort to celebrate his 60th birthday.

We'd never been to Nipika but heard great things about it. The resort is 14km up a logging road off of Highway 93 just East of Radium Hot Springs and is essentially a private nordic ski resort with 50km of groomed trails and a number of log cabins for accommodation. There is also a lit skating rink, an outdoor hot tub and a sauna. Our birthday group of 14 stayed in the large central cabin and one of the smaller cabins but we congregated in the large cabin for meals and socializing. The cabins all have full kitchens, hot running water and are beautiful as well as very comfortable. The perfect place to celebrate a milestone!

We arrived on Friday afternoon and set out skiing with John and Ena. Freezing rain the week before had nearly put an end to the weekend but a couple of cm of fresh snow enabled the owner to groom enough trails to open up again. That first day was pretty marginal skiing on crunchy ice and pine needles. But we went out for a couple of hours and enjoyed the blue sky and great scenery. That night we were joined by Rolf, Rita, George, Carolyn, Deb, Rod, Sylvie and Pat for the first night of celebrating. We had a fabulous meal followed by lots of good conversation and a few laughs.

Clive and Janet joined us the following morning and we set out skiing with light snow falling. The little bit of snow that fell overnight had already improved the conditions and we spent the morning following the snow grooming machine around on the much improved trails. After lunch back at the lodge, we headed out for an afternoon of fabulous skiing. A little snow makes a big difference!

That night was the eve of John's birthday, party time! More great food, a wonderful birthday cake and some creative birthday cards were shared. Then we gathered round for an evening of music and singing as Carolyn, George and Clive played some great tunes on their guitars. John even sat in for a couple of songs. What a great way to celebrate a 60th birthday!

Overnight it snowed, and snowed, and snowed and we woke up to knee deep fluffy snow. Most of the gang headed out skiing for the morning but we had to get home early so, along with Deb and Rod, we shoveled off our vehicles and set out down the unplowed 14km logging road. Luckily both vehicles had lots of clearance and all wheel drive and after a slow, careful drive, we made it to the highway and home.

What a great weekend! Happy Birthday John and thanks for letting us share it with you!

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