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Picton Harbour

Picton Harbour

Nice sleep last night, and lay in until 8 ish. A beautiful, warm and sunny day today, we had breakfast on a picnic bench by the tent.

Picton of course is where our South Island adventure started, 6 weeks or so ago. We just rushed through it then, knowing we'd be back to spend more time.

This morning we went to the ferry terminal and train station to book our ferry crossing (for Saturday) back over to the North Island and a train journey from Wellington up to the National Park. We've decided against cycling that part, for a number of reasons. Firstly when we drove down in the camper, there wasn't really anything worth stopping for. Secondly there's a motorway portion that we'd have to navigate around. Thirdly we want to take at least one train trip – having planned on doing several and so far done none. Fourthly we'd rather spend the time it would take to cycle the 'boring' bit somewhere nicer where we can then 'hang out' for a bit. So that's all booked now – ferry on Saturday and train early on Sunday. Means we've got a few days here now to hang out and explore, nice!

This afternoon we walked around the shops (didn't take so long) and then hung out at the tent for a bit. I caught up on the journal, while Nick is making his way through a new book we bought – we're sharing it to save on weight :o)

The campsite is yet another Top 10, and we've resigned ourselves to the fact that they may be patronising and annoying, but they are usually the best quality, so we've belatedly bought a discount card. Actually the card also got us a discount off the ferry booking too, so is probably worth it. The facilities here are really good, but the 'tent village' is a bit poky. It's probably about 10 meters by 50 meters. Currently there are 6 tents crammed into that area – fortunately all are one or two man only, but it's still too cramped. Last night we could hear the guy in the next tent snoring. It's almost like being in the same room as them. Bearing in mind we pay the same rate as a powered campervan site, I think it's a bit of a cheek. Still, it's worth it for a hot shower and decent meal – and an internet connection of course!

There's a cat at this campsite who is very similar to our Dukie, same size, same markings and a very similar temperament – he even bit Nick and made a dukie-growl!

Tomorrow we've got an early start as we have a sea-taxi booked over to Queen Charlotte Track for some trail-biking (with no luggage!).

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