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Parade through the middle of Arequipa - notice beauty queen!

The "White City" streets...

Doorways throughout the city

White stone courtyards

Monastario Santa Catalina

Monastario streets....

More doorways

Hidden doorways

Garden irrigation



Plaza des Armas

Our journey from Copacabana was VERY long and we were not used to spending so much time on the bus! We were not sure we were even on the right bus at one point, but after 10 hours and two VERY BAD movies on the bus, we arrived in the White City at 11pm.

We woke up to beautiful weather in the White City and looked forward to our only day of exploration. We immediately noticed how much easier it was to breathe, and in hindsight, we should have come here first before Cusco! It sits at only 2400m and you could tell!

The city is small and beautiful - it is called the White City because most of the buildings in the centre are made out of a white stone found locally. Another great thing we found about the city was that it seemed like an actual "city". What I mean by that is although Cusco is also beautiful, it almost seems like it exists for tourists, whereas Arequipa was full mostly of Peruvians which was great.

We wandered around, booked our Colca Canyon expedition and then went to the Plaza de Armas which is the main square. They were having a parade with all of the civil workers (from office workers to the trash men) and apparently this happens every Sunday - very interesting, and all of the Arequipeños were turned out in their Sunday best.

After a lovely lunch outside to enjoy the sunshine, we headed the the Monastary which was spectacular. It was like a walled city with its own cobbled streets and gardens hidden within. Flowers were everywhere and provided for many photo opportunities. Unfortunately the main Cathedral was not open to tourists on the Sunday, so we contented ourselves with a nice dinner and an early night in preparation for our trip to Colca Canyon.

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