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The Khao San Road

floating markets




Bridge over River Kwai

tiger temple




Damian, me & Alana

standing Buddha

reclining Buddha

Wat Po





Wat Arun


Damian climbing up

me having severe vertigo attack on way down - was a lot...


Bangkok! Hot, dirty, noisy, smelly, sleazy city... it is abolutely huge making it impossible to walk around and just so unbearably hot! Not sure if i like it yet but will be passing through quite a few times i think so has time to grow on me!

I stayed on the famous Khao San Road - popular with backpackers and a very busy touristy area which i actually quite liked. Didn't want to stay too long though and keen to get out quickly and see some other parts of the country.

Only thing i did here really was a daytrip to the floating markets which were pretty cool - so many people and boats - and locals selling everything from food to clothes to furniture on their little boats! We stopped at the River Kwai and saw the famous bridge from the WW and then visited a tiger temple on the way back to bangkok...a bit touristy and am sure the tigers were heavily drugged (a bit cruel) but the pictures look quite good!

Met 2 aussies on the trip Damian & Alana who i spent the next day with doing some sightseeing and visiting some temples... they are all pretty impressive but am templed out already after only being in Thailand a few days! So we gave up after two (and me having a massive panic attack at the top of one when i realised how steep it was, vertigo set in and was practically crying on the way down ...but i eventually made it, climbig down with my eyes closed!.. Damian thought i was a freak, especially when i demanded i had to be taken for a drink afterwards!) Won't be climbing any again in a hurry thats for sure!!

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