Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

The river in Pisa

And there it is

getting up close

Me and the tower

tower and church

looking up

the dome

It's really leaning a lot!

I ended up running into Tristan, a girl I had met in Corfu at the pink palace at breakfast this morning. She had just arrived the night before. I told her that I was heading out to Pisa for the day to check out the tower and she decided to tag along. We took the train out to Pisa and met some american's. They were quite a bit older and were asking me all these questions about the trains in Italy. One guy asked me how fast the trains go. I laughed and said that I had no idea...interesting people. They were from the south.

When we got to Pisa we discovered it was raining a bit. But we walked over to the tower. It is really cool to see. I didn't think it would be leaning as much as it was. Lots of Japanese tourists there pretending to be holding up the tower in their pictures. Quite funny to watch. Tristan and took some pictures and then took shelter in the market set up across the street. The weather only got more miserable so we decided to head back to Florence after stopping for some lunch.

Met back up with Alissa who had been out on a Tuscan wine/bike tour. Went out to dinner with her and another girl. We had the funniest waiters. The one guy looked like Mr. Bean. Another little guy kept winking at us as he walked by. When he came to take our plates away he asked about dessert and Alissa asked for a dessert menu and all he said was "I am de dessert menu" in his italian accent. We laughed so hard.

As we were leaving the restaurant we all got kisses on the cheeck from the waiters whiel the little guy sang "kiss me baby one more time" as we walked away. Haha. Great great night!

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