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(Ron Writing) Finally our mail arrived today! It took 5 days for "priority mail" from Madison SD to Kanab UT! If that’s the best that USPS can do with priority mail, I’d hate to guess how long regular parcel post would have taken.

We left Kanab heading south on Alt US-89 to Fredonia, AZ where we picked up AZ-389 west which makes a sweeping loop south through Arizona before it crosses back in Utah near Colorado City. At the Utah border it changes to UT-59 and continues to Hurricane. This is a very scenic route and quite spectacular as the road winds very steeply down a mountain to Hurricane.

From Hurricane, UT we headed west on UT-9 to I-15 south. I-15 cuts across the very northwest corner of Arizona on one of the most scenic stretches of Interstate highway we’ve found anywhere. This stretch follows the extremely rugged canyon of the Virgin River where the canyon walls rise almost straight up on either side of the highway and reveal millions of years of geology.

From there it was a short drive to Las Vegas, NV where we did some shopping and are spending the night. We stopped at a Costco store and were surprised to find it very different than any other Costco we’d seen. It is a “Costco Business Center” and it had a very different line of merchandise and services. It is open to all Costco members but most of the merchandise is primarily intended for small business. There is a large selection of restaurant and food service equipment and a much wider selection of foods but there is no tire center, deli restaurant, pharmacy, photo center, optical department, or clothing. They didn’t carry many of the items we generally purchase but they did have many items not carried in their regular stores. An employee told us that Costco intends to add more of these stores around the country but most of them are now only on the west coast.

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