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"Des Res"



Historic Merchant house

We thought we would have a quiet day and visit Tenby! It was a lovely sunny day.

Tenby sits between two bays and was first mentioned in a 9th century bardic poem. The town was developed during the Normans in the 12th century along with the building of a castle and due to marauding Welsh a town wall. The town prospered between the 14th and 16th century as a major port for diverse range of foodstuffs and fine goods. Decline followed until the mid 19th century when the railway arrived and Tenby became a fashionable seaside resort.

It was an enjoyable town to wander around despite the many holiday makers. It had many narrow winding streets, great sea views and some interesting “des res (one in the old life boat house) and some history. Perfect for a sunny day. In the end we walked quite a few miles just exploring.

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