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Georgia to Huntsville over many rivers and lakes

Sprinkling when we started off this morning

Past Conyers, home of my Great grandparents

Kudzu taking over the trees along the highway

Traffic into Atlanta

Tall buildings of Atlanta

Only the tall ones visible above the tree line

Traffic is not as bad as Chicago or L.A.

Crossing the Chattahoochee River

We see a lot of these along major interstates

Smooth peaceful Allatoona Lake

Interstate through the forested hills

Cows gathering under the shade trees

Oostanaoula River

Logging industry here also

Welcome to Alabama

Fall colors beginning to show

The name of this river is Little River

Colors pop out every once in while

Probably a Civil War General

I love these old buildings

John Benge's mother was Cherokee

Such a sad part of our U.S. history

We found a large parking lot to stop for Chow King for...

Traveling along a ridge above Guntersville Lake

Guntersville Lake has many fingers

Where we are on the ridge above the lake

Crossing part of Guntersville Lake

Sandstone bluffs along the lake

The lake is covered with lily pads

Still following along TRAIL OF TEARS Corridor

Many long ridges crossed ahead of us

Some of the ridges overlap

So much green all around us

More Piggly Wiggly stores

Back into a farming community

Passing Huntsville home of Redstone Arsenal Army Base

Artist showing off his wares

Metal-work Artist displays artwork

Huntsville, AL Elks Lodge

We also visited this lodge in 2010.

It was sprinkling a little a when we started off this morning. We were east of Atlanta and passed by Conyers where my ancestors on my father’s side lived and were buried. Back in 2006 when we were visiting our friends in Atlanta, we found my Great Grandparents Cemetery Plots with several family members.

As we followed along the interstate, and around Atlanta, we saw more Kudzu taking over the trees along the road. Even though we took the highway that goes around the city (not through it), the traffic was still a little heavy. We could see the taller building of Atlanta but not much else because of the forest along the highway.

We crossed the Chattahoochee River and then Allatoona Lake, passing a few logging trucks along the way. Finally, we crossed into Alabama and began to see some Fall colors in the trees.

By the time we were ready for lunch, we were in Fort Payne which is historical as part of the TRAIL OF TEARS when they marched the Cherokee up to Oklahoma. We found a large Chinese Buffet restaurant with a huge parking lot, good for our coach and for our stomachs. If you ever run across a Chow King restaurant (we understood there are several), it was all very good fresh food and plenty of it.

As we followed Highway 35 (the Trail of Tears) we were high on a ridge looking down on Guntersville Lake, it was an awesome view that we only got a few glimpses of through the tree line. After crossing the lake, which is part of the Tennessee River, we began seeing more long ridges that crossed in front of us.

Finally, we came through Huntsville on our way to our campground. Huntsville is known for the Redstone Arsenal which is the Army Missile Base where, in the 1960’s, they tested the Saturn booster to send the Apollo missions to the moon. Larry’s parents worked for Boeing and they worked here during that time.

We arrived in Athens and our campground near Larry’s high school friend, Jon. Tonight Jon and his wife were busy, so we went to visit the Huntsville Elks Lodge that we had visited in 2010.

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