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We catch a train into London – to Victoria Station.

An interesting lesson on mobile phones and trains. Only about six of us in the carriage settling down to our own thoughts when suddenly a young girls voice comes over loud and clear:

“I just wanted to call and tell you that it’s not yours”

Now that certainly got all our attention!

She then went on to explain that ‘it’ couldn’t be his as she was ‘farver’ than she had thought and they had only been ‘togever’ a couple of months ago. She had apparently worked out who it might be but didn’t want to say anything.

The recipient of the call not totally convinced – at the completion of the call she told her male companion on the train (not sure where he fits in) that the other guy still wants a DNA test.

Her phone rings a couple of minutes later and there is more discussion as to why he could or could not be the ‘farver’. We gather that he is still not sure at the end of the second call.

The two of them then leave the train with the rest of us exchanging amused looks.

On our arrival in London we wander the route that the royals will travel tomorrow – from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, along The Mall and Whitehall Road. Names all so familiar. We talk to a couple of the campers: an old lady who must have been around 80 years old and who has a prime position opposite Buckingham Palace – has already camped one night with another to go. Also some New Zealanders who have a good position. David is interviewed by one of the media.

Have a lovely feeling about London – really looking forward to when we come back to do all the tourist things.

Late afternoon we train back to Sittingbourne, this time we have a young lady advising a friend on the phone that she should go straight to the hospital to find out how far along she is because the Doctors Surgery will only give her a ‘medical check up’. Must be a baby boom – or the train is the local Dorothy Dix.

We pick up Pierre and return to our motel in Minster. We converse with some of the locals whilst having tea – a quiz night going on in the background.

Back to our room to charge some camera batteries and an early night – ready for tomorrows excitement.

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