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Well how things can turn around! On the Monday and Tuesday after Brisbane we spent hours applying for jobs on the internet and in the paper and updating (yet again!!) our resumes. We also had decided we would target all the caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast with both our applications with the idea that they may have work for either one or both of us. So after adapting our resumes to suit this target group we hit the road and drove around to them all introducing ourselves and dropping off our resumes. I have to admit that by Tuesday evening we were feeling very despondent as some of the jobs we applied for online had gone within a day. We just felt like we weren't even getting a look in. I went back to work on Wed and then on Thurs Ken got a phone call from a recruitment agency (one of the jobs he had applied for) and she wanted him to come in on Friday to sign a contract!! He did just that, started work on Monday and is really happy there! It is still in a cabinet works (which is not Ken's favourite kind of work) but the people and the conditions are so much better than the last job. And they pay more! And they are really happy with Ken's work (well of course!!). So a much better week. Oh and when I went into work on Tuesday they have asked me if I can stay on a bit longer (I was supposed to finish my contract with them on the 4th Dec) and they want me back next year. Like I said - what a difference a week can make!

Yesterday (Saturday) we drove a couple of minutes down the road and had a great day at the annual Noosa Hill Climb. Here there were approx 200 cars of all sorts of age and description racing up the Noosa Hill trying to beat each others times. There was a pathway running up alongside the road way where we could walk and watch the action as various places along the road. I am not really much of a petrol head (unlike Ken!) but I must admit I really enjoyed the day - I think the variety of cars and the nice walk up the hill helped that. I have attached some photos for you to have a look at.

Spent a good few hours on the phone tonight - to James, Trisha and then Paul. Really looking forward to seeing my boys again at Christmas (I have warned James to be prepared for lots and lots of hugs from me) and then really looking forward to Paul and Ret coming over in January to visit. Rod and Kelli have also been planning to come over (hopefully before Christmas) but we are still waiting on whether they are going to manage that or not. It is always so lovely to see family again :)

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