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18 miles

We woke this morning, in the wee small hours, resigned to another day in Blenheim. Not that we couldn't have found something to do, but our hearts really were already in Picton. It was raining you see. A few spots when we went to bed, and then cats and dogs by about 3am.

We got up late, at around 9, and had a late breakfast and legged it back to the tent in a downpour at about 10.30. By 11.30 the skies had cleared enough to see blue sky. We decided against going to explore the town and instead dried the outside of the tent and then packed up, hitting the road at 14.00 in clear skies, but strong winds again.

We had a really easy cycle today. Only 18 miles! It would have been really easy if it weren't for the wind, downhill for maybe 90% of the time. Unfortunately the wind meant that we had to cycle for about 90% of the time. Still, it was a lovely ride. Still rolling hills, but with many more trees.

Stopped for a picnic on the way, and then rolled into Picton at 4pm. We're in another Top 10 campsite tonight, and despite a smallish tent area, the facilities are fab and it's very well located.

Nick went off to the supermarket while I put the tent up and unpacked. Dinner actually was a bit of a disappointment because of shoddy produce (must find a butchers) and crappy barbecue.

Still, after a very busy peak-period, we now have the kitchen to ourselves to drink our wine in peace.

Night, night!

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