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Enjoying Lunch with a View

Serendipity Beach

Ann Lazing in the Sun

Serendipity Beach

Brad Contemplating

Dinner with Andrew and Anka

River Ferry Crossing

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Some much needed R&R was headed our way as we left Phnom Penh for the coastal reaches of Cambodia. A little sand and sea were just what we needed to recharge from the long hot days of visiting temples and the stiffling heat of the city. After some initial trouble with motorbike taxis, we settled into Serendipity Beach and resolved to do a whole lot of not much. Laying in the sun, sipping drinks, and finding nice settings for meals was the order of the day. For once the beating tropical heat was tempered by a cool ocean breeze. The water however was slightly too warm for my tastes, and not quite refreshing -but who's complaining?

On our second night, we met quite a unique American couple. Unique because they weren't from Minnasota (where roughly 75% of the US travelers we've met normally call home), and they were spending an appricable time on the road -eight months to date with at least four to go! Andrew and Anka had spent time in Europe and Africa and were on their way to VietNam and India. We started chatting over some drinks at sunset, and it soon spilled over to dinner on the beach. Between Ann's experiences in Europe, mine in Africa, and their planned route through some countries we had already visited, we had loads of travel stories to exchange. We laughed and drank into the night -much later than maybe we should have considering we had a 6:30 departure for Bangkok the next morning, but it was well worth it. Good company is always appreciated!

Movin' right along, do I see signs of men
Yeah, "Welcome" on the same post that says "Come back again!"
Movin' right along, foot loose and fancy free
You're ready for the big time! Is it ready for me?

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