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Today we visited Aberystwyth for two reasons. Firstly we need new tyres on the car and secondly to visit the town. Once we checked in the car to the tyre dealer we walked into the town.

We headed to the promenade and walked south towards the castle and the harbour. The weather was not brilliant – it was hard to believe it was July. We passed the pier which was a bit run down and passed the original site of the Aberystwyth University. This turreted building which dominates the seafront was originally built in 1790 as a villa and then extended in the 1860’s as a hotel designed to soak up the anticipated masses arriving by the then new rail line. This venture failed and by 1872 the building was bought by the university.

After exploring the southern end of the promenade we then walked to the northern end. Now the sun at last was starting to shine. At this northern end of the promenade is the 430ft Constitution Hill. We took the clanking 1896 cliff railway to the top and enjoyed great views across the town before heading down and walking back to collect the car.

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