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Today's adventure.

A World Heritage site.

When the Spanish discovered these ruins they mistakenly thought they were built...

We were able to walk all among the ruins on designated paths.

We were also able to walk inside some of the better preserved...

Example of one of the smaller Kivas. These round rooms were entered...

This was the "Great Kiva". Earl Morris headed the first dig at...


It's amazing how much remains after about 900 years.


These rooms still have the original wood supporting the upper floors.

A series of small rooms connected with short narrow doors. No hallway.

Each room has a couple small openings for ventilation.


One of the very well preserved small Kivas.

Looking down into the Kiva. Note the nice stone work.

Here are a series of photos showing various styles and quality of...




The center of the walls seem to be filled rather randomly with...

There was much evidence of "remodeling" over the 200 years or so...

These ruins are unique in that there are some "corner doors" not...

Inside the reconstructed Great Kiva.

Four massive beams support the roof.

Each of the 4 orig. support beams had 4 round stone discs...

(Ron Writing) We awoke to gray skies and a stiff breeze. It rained just a little during the first part of our drive this morning but the weather got nicer as we went lower in elevation.

We continued driving west on US-550 to Aztec, NM, where we stopped to tour the Aztec Ruins National Monument. It is one of the several major Pueblo ruins in the Four Corners area. We had considered visiting Chaco Culture National Historical Park, another even larger Pueblo site, but it would have required driving many miles of dirt roads. All of these communities were built and inhabited for about 200 years beginning around 1100 AD. Then for some reason they were all abandoned. There are theories but no one knows why.

We watched an excellent video in the visitor center and also toured the small but interesting indoor museum. We then took the self-guided tour around the grounds. They furnish an excellent guidebook for this tour which is very educational.

We then drove southwest on SR-516 to Farmington, NM where we are spending the night.

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