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South Carolina to mid Georgia

Leaving our campground, passing the peaceful pond

Campground has a really long drive to the highway

Another view of the carved wooden eagle

Leaving the coastal marshes behind

Heading west into the dense clouds

Much of the highway is forested

They keep the roadsides nicely groomed

This is the HERITAGE CORRIDOR, Discovery Route

Little homes by a small lake surrounded by forest

Spanish Moss hanging from the trees

An interesting church

A town of all white buildings on this street

Pretty southern homes with pillars

Even this one has pillars

We saw these signs often along the road

Southern Cotton Fields

Soybean field

Piggly Wiggly stores still exists

Tall pines line the highway

We are on a Hurricane Evacuation Route

More modern style home also with pillars

Stately older home

Gotta have your porches in the south

It's nice to see all the trees

Passing through Amish area

Delicate, lacey looking pines

Historic Marker about a pre-Civil War home

Pascalina House used by Union General in 1865

Not sure, maybe dark green collards

Mural of a river scene

Another impressive home

We're still on the Heritage Corridor

They love their pointy steeples

Up on a high point of land with a view

Welcome to Georgia

Must put this on our To Do List

Getting close to our camp near the lake

Arriving at camp

A bit strange looking converted bus

Longhorn cattle near the campground

So many pines

Cows near the road enjoying the shade today

Looks like the clouds are building again, unstable air, hot.

Visiting Oconee Elks near Oconee Lake

They have a lovely out door deck to enjoy the forest

We've seen a few of these flags today

Storm clouds looming over the cows

We left to head towards Huntsville, Alabama westward through Georgia. There are a lot of rivers and small lakes along the way.

We saw a lot of Spanish Moss hanging from trees, and more interesting homes and small towns built in the 1800’s. They all have pillars or columns and covered porches to sit outside in their rocking chairs. Some of the homes looked like large plantation homes.

We saw many soy and cotton fields, and a coupe Piggly Wiggly stores. Tall thin evergreen trees line the interstate and the smaller highways. We were traveling on the HERITAGE CORRIDOR, the Nature Route.

The South Carolina National Heritage Corridor (SCNHC) was designated by Congress in 1996 as a National Heritage Area (a program of the National Parks Service). Stretching 17 counties and 320 miles across South Carolina, the SCNHC is committed to promoting and preserving the cultural, natural and historic resources of South Carolina. We’re here to guide you along the way as you discover some of the most unique places in the Palmetto State.

Then we crossed into Georgia, known for their peaches and for the Laurel & Hardy Museum in Harlem, Georgia. Harlem is the birthplace of Oliver Hardy, the portly half of the world-famous duo.

We found our campground near Lake Oconee, GA and set up and relaxed.

I looked to see if there was an Elks Lodge nearby and there was, so we went off for a little social time. The have a nice patio to sit outside and enjoy the forest that surrounds their lodge.

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