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September 14, 2017 All Good Things Must End

And when they do, there's a hell of a lot of dirty laundry in your van and a hell of a lot of weeds in your yard.

I arrived home yesterday in the late afternoon after two long driving days from Yellowstone. Once I got to Rawlins, WY it didn't make a lot of sense to camp another night, especially since most of the National Forest campgrounds are closed for the season and the independent campgrounds are pricey this time of year, probably because there are a lot of hunters. Anyhoo, home I drove, enjoying the views and light traffic. The aspens are almost at their peak around Breckenridge so it was a beautiful drive over Hoosier Pass.

If there is a more spectacular drive than US 287 between Grand Teton National Park and Dubois, WY I sure don't know where it is. I just love that stretch of road. There's one huge rock outcropping on the north side that suddenly appears as you round one of the curves and it takes my breath away every time. I noticed a forest campground nearby called Brooks Lake that I would love to stay in, so I stopped to get a map at the ranger station. The ranger said this year the road to the campground opened on July 4. Yikes! Winter is a long season in northwestern Wyoming.

Even though I haven't been home for 24 hours yet you can see I am already planning my next western trip. A compelling reason to return to Big Sky Country is the Testicle Festival. There's more than one, but it sounds like I'd have a ball here, as their motto says: ( I am more interested in the souvenir booths and people watching than the food, and I am sure that doesn't say anything good about me. Of course there's other natural scenery I plan to take in, like Flathead Lake, Glacier National Park and Coeur d'Alene, ID. Next time I will plan my visit before wildfire season starts, if that's even possible.

Wanda and I traveled 4,970 miles in seven weeks. I estimate that at least 800 of those miles were driven horizontally while pulling over to let faster cars zip by, reading historical markers and stopping at scenic overlooks. I visited nine states and one Canadian province; stopped at seven National Parks/Monuments; took five ferry rides; read four books and learned two new card games; saw my oldest son and his family for the first time in three years; experienced an amazing total solar eclipse; spent time with one good friend and made several new ones; lost four pounds. By any measure, I count this trip as a success and I am very happy you chose to come along.

I can't wait to hit the road again, just as soon as a catch up on the laundry.

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