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My beautiful lady and a beautiful sunset

Another view of San Francisco Peaks


Twisted tree, twisted me and my babe






One more San Francisco Peaks and my sweetie

See the twisting

Beautiful desert. Beautiiful lady

The desert and me

More Painted Desert

No journal yesterday as the old folks didn't do much. Audra and Amaya went back to the Grand Canyon while we got some old folks rest. I made shrimp creole at Amaya's request last night, and we all watched a beautiful sunset. This morning we had to say goodbye to our girls after a buttermilk pancake breakfast. Much as we are enjoying this trip, seeing even part of our family reminded us of how blessed we are and how very much we love them all.

We had no plans for today and started looking at the map which led us to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. We took a difficult and treacherous hike through the lava flow and were amazed at the amount of plant growth. This volcano last erupted in about 1100AD so it is a very recent eruption and already the plants are adapting. One thing of special note was the twisted shapes of the Ponderosa Pines which is part of their adaptation and gives them strength. We also discovered that the red ash is from the most recent eruption.

We next saw the Painted Desert and what a site it was. Such radiance!

This led us to Wuptaki National Monument where we saw some pueblo ruins, but we were worn out by then and spent little time.

Tomorrow is our last day here and we are going back to the canyon. We are planning to see sunrise there
if Linda gets up in time.

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