world trip 2012 travel blog

a eagle ready to fly

a volture

Chinggis Khaan 40 meters high





a kong sized boot


my tour guide Gana


Yak and yak


a tourist camp of gers



horse coming to the end of race

at the finish line




turtle rock







UB as the locals call Ulaanbaatar


flight to Ulgii and theAltai Mountains



airport at Ulgii

the plane the plane

our russian built van


we are off







inside a Kazakh ger



a eagle used for hunting

a local gas station


lots of sheep and goats

first night camp


a bridge across the stream we needed to cross very carefuly




our cook, ?, driver ,and guide



old grave markers

old Turkic stones marking very old grave sites





easy does it


lake Hoton



our second night camp with a local faimly

part of dinner

milking the mare

the stove




end of the evening


the guard dog

new day (cool out)


another bridge to cross



new born goat

the waterfall

small local store and gas station




old graves

on the road again


rock painting from the Hans period about 200 BC




full moon over our camp


our mountain camp tent on the left is mine




Potanina Glacier

must cross this river

the broken bridge

has just a small sag to it lol




our driver working on the tie rod, a bag of nuts and...

we made it to Ulgii

a walk round town



local boys

girls dressed for a wedding


the airport to head back to UB

Hi from Mongolia on day one of my exploring of Mongolia I traveled by car to the Terelj National Park North east from UB, was a very nice trip about 70km from the city a stop along the way to see the Giant statue of Chinggis Khaan Made of stainless steel standing 40 meters high went up to the top of horses head nice view then on to our lunch stop very good great lunch. After lunch watched some kids practicing for the up coming horse race for the Naadam Festival, did a short one hour ride on a short Mongolia horse and then on to Turtle rock back to UB for the night. Next day the 30th of June off by plane to Altai Mountains in the very western edge of Mongolia a 3 1/2 hour plane trip met our guide and driver then a stop for lunch and off to Dayan Lake a 6 hour drive stopping along the way to see a local family a Kazakh Eagle Hunter and our camp near the lake set up a tent, slept on the hard ground (getting to old for this, lol) 1st of July we are off after breakfast to our next stop on the shores of Hoton Lake, where we spend the afternoon and night with a local family, slept in a ger for the first time, okay very warm, a very relaxing time had fresh fish for dinner from the lake. The next morning off to a small waterfall and then a very long hard drive to the Altai National Park over a very rough road (more a trail then a road), had lots of vehicle problems blew the spark plug out of the engine 5 times and the driver would wrap copper wire around the spark plug and pound it back in the engine with a rock and back on the road for a while before repeating the same thing, plus the truck a Russian built 4 cylinder truck overheated a couple times so had to stop and let it cool off before heading on, and a sticking accelerator but with all this the driver was able to keep it going to our camp site this trip took over 12 hours should have been about 6 hours. Our camp was on a river coming off the snow capped peaks of the Altai mountains here we spend the next two days, hiking around the mountains. On the 4th of July we head off on our trip back to Ulgii where we flew to back to UB. This again was a great adventure as our driver had to drive across the river as the bridge had broken a couple days before we had arrived, the place where the driver crossed was about 4 feet deep but made it across so we head off on a trip that should have taken 6 hours it took us over 8 hours along the the way the tie rod came loose causing a bit of delay, running very low on fuel we coasted into a small gas station to get enough to make it to town, as we got to town we blew out the spark plug again but at least we we in town, had a nice very cold beer to celebrate the 4th of July and getting back to town wow what a trip. If you are traveling to western Mongolia be very careful about using Blue Wolf Travel Co this is who I traveled with, bad tour guide, bad equipment. Next day we flew back to UB and a night of rest before heading out to the Gobi.

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