Just south of Bandon,OR is a small freshwater lake adjacent to the Pacific and separated only by a 100 yard sandbar. This lake,Floras Lake, is a favorite playground for wind surfers. It always has a prevailing wind without the giant waves of the Pacific. Many come here to learn the art and perfect their skills. There were only a few windsurfers today as the weather was cold(52),cloudy and windy. We kayaked the adjacent New River running parallel to the Pacific north from the lake. This river is fed by the lake via Floras Creek. The geography creates the perfect kayaking experience. We launched the kayaks into Floras Creek adjacent to the North end of Floras Lake. This area has been utilized and known for thousands of years having been a favorite spot of Native Americans for fishing,hunting and gathering. The river is a great surprise-it is a narrow but navigable corridor lined with lush vegetation on both sides.Grasses and shrubs hug the banks and provide great cover for a myriad of birds. There were three beds of lush lily pads accented with gorgeous large yellow flowers. It was a very rugged paddle as we fought the strong wind which met us head on from the north. We struggled to stay on course and ran aground on sand bars several times. We continued on and made a sudden entrance onto a much wider body of water. The landscape changed from lush greenery on the East bank to a continuous prominent sand dune on the west. We could hear the pounding of the surf beyond the sand dune above the constant rush of the wind as we paddled north. The river was about 25 feet wide. This New River was born during a great flood in the year 1890 when the mouth of Floras Creek moved north instead of flowing directly into the Pacific here as it once had done. Today the connection to the Pacific lies about 15 miles north. We could not get beyond this large expanse this trip as the wind was impossibly strong and the water too shallow so we turned around while sliding sideways several hundred feet. Once we turned, the wind was at our backs and we practically surfed our way back to port. We then walked the shoreline of Lake Floras westward, ascended the 20 foot sandbar and there before us was the pounding Pacific driven by strong winds. We could only stand it a few minutes and headed back to our cars.We then drove north to Bandon Beach and had a fabulous lunch at The Wheelhouse. I had halibut with jalapenos and tomatoes, Barb had oyster stew , Bill seafood platter and Nancy, salmon. The seafood is so good-it melts in your mouth with a sweetness and no, I mean no!, fishy taste. We then strolled the shops of Bandon and headed home to Lucky Logger RV Park.

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