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statue of an indoneasian king in the nation museum

monument in the city park

fantastic fountain with city and smog in background

Hello everyone

well we have traversed the entire island of Java and are now on the far north coast in the capital Jakarta.

Its pretty modern, didn't know what to expect really but theres plenty of sky scrapers, department stores and Mcdonalds!!! Alot more advanced than the rest of indonesia! The city is humid and smoggy, dont think they have pollution laws over here, but the people are friendly and dont chase you down the street trying to sell you something as in the rest of Indonesia.

We took the train from Yogya and paid a little more for the exectutive class as it was a 9 hr ride. Not quite the poshness we expected but at least we had our own seat and air con in the carriage!

We arrived in Jakarta and went to the cheepy street for accomodation. We looked at few places and decided on one that had a good recomendation from other tourists!

We settled in and after eating a gorgeous normal meal at Tony Romas (yum, yum) we went back to the hotel to chill.

I was reading and James was asleep when out of the corner of mi eye I saw sommat move. "what the heck is that" I said, and after much debate we decided it was a small beetle, killed it and resumed our tasks!

About an hour later I saw sommat again, this time it was bigger and a closer inspection (when we squished it) revealled it to have an arse full of blood!! GROSSSSSSS, we knew it was a bed bug then!!! We have heard stories about them and people have told us you can see them, but this was the first time we have, it was minging and had obviously just sucked one of us! We jumped of the bed and saw at least 5 more crawling around!!!

Just discusting, we moved rooms then!! We saw the matterass on the landing the next day!!

We have been to the National museum today, which was interesting and booked a flight to Singapour for 2moz.

Finally went to docs for the squirts and he told me to stay away from indonesian food amd try to eat eurpoean food. James was well impressed, "God works in mysterious ways" he said coz now it means he can go to pizza hut and kfc all the time!!!!!

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