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Bali sunset

Bali bomb memorial

Me & Leo - my surf instructor

Seminyak beach




local woman

village children


lunch & swim stop


Carolyn & me

Pete & Carolyn with the deadly Jungle Juice!


surfing action!






Arrived in Bali and decided to spend my first night in Kuta - mainly because it was so close to the airport and I arrived so late at night. It`s Bali`s biggest tourist resort, very popular with Australians and was especially packed due to it being school holidays in Oz at the moment! I hated it at first - too many people and scooters and very noisy - loads of bars and clubs everywhere - just like being somewhere on the Costa del Sol or somewhere! Had originally planned to move to one of the quieter beach resorts like Legian or Seminyak (especially as am trying to detox!) and had a look around but couldn't find a hotel in my price range as nice as the one I was staying in in Kuta so decided to stay put as was only for a few room was lovely and there was a swimming pool too so that more than made up for the tackiness of the town! And as much as I love the beach, the pool was a quiet haven away from all the hawkers - you don`t get a moment`s peace on the beach..even if u pretend to be asleep or reading they still bother u trying to sell u a watch, sarong, jewellery, a massage etc etc...drives me insane!! But I think most of Asia is going to be like this so best get used to it!

So spent the first few days happy with my own company (and my own room - one good thing about Asia, no dorms or hostels so no sharing anymore - yippee!) and doing well on the detox. I did a daytrip out on a bike ride to the volcano (mainly downhill biking so was easy and lots of fun!) Biked down through lots of local villages and the Balinese countryside is beautiful - everywhere is so lush and green and surrounded by paddy fields.

I also took a few surf lessons. Was terrible at first but then the practice definitely paid off as got ok by the end of the week - can stand up on every wave and (almost) turn now - it`s very hard but is a highly addictive sport!

So I managed 4 days with no drinking and then I made some friends and went out on the town for a couple of nights...yes I am weak! But had a good time and ended up quite liking Kuta in the end - would probably even go back there one day...everything is so cheap and the shopping is great - bought quite a few $2 tops! Another good thing about Asia, great bargains! And the weather is loads better too, boiling hot and sunny everyday so am finally getting my tan back!...Still missing South America and trying to get used to Asia but it definitely has a few plus points, as already mentioned...and as for the food here - well it is a million times better so will probably be the size of a house by the time I leave!

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