Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

A museum in Siena

The square where they do horse racing in August

Cute store

Buildings in Siena

The pigeon fountain

Siena streets

Siena skyline

top of the duomo under contruction

Although you can't see much this building was beautiful

The bell tower

Elissa and Alissa waiting to get in to Accedemia

There's my boyfriend David

Me, Elissa and Becks

See that awesome blue poster, I bought that one cuz it looks...

There is the artist working away

Arch in the piazza

They had a carousel?

Alissa and the Brazilians

Band playin

After having the most amazing free hostel breakfast (eggs, bacon and toast!) we all hopped on a bus to Siena. We walked around and found the Il Campino (square where they do horse racing every august) It's a big open area in the shape of a seashell and is all made of brick. We stopped for a coffee here and people watched. Found ourselves getting lost but just kept walking around the tiny little streets until we found the Duomo. However, the duomo is currently under restoration so it wasn't that nice. We made our way back to the shopping area of town and Elissa and I both bought purses while Alissa bought some Italian sunglasses.

We hopped on a bus back to Florence and made our way over to the Accedemia. We had to wait maybe 15 minutes before we got in. Once again our stuff was put through an xray machine. We turned the corner and there he was....DAVID. Truly breathtaking. I had no idea he was that huge. I thought he was lifesize. NOPE. We stood there for a long time just looking at him.

Alissa and I decided to be sneaky and used a large tour group to shelter us so we could get pictures of David without the lady yelling at us and taking our cameras away. It worked. Looked around the Accedemia a bit after that but none of were really in the mood to look at art.

That night we decided to try and find all the outdoor markets. We discovered a large piazza with some street vendors and a band playing. We saw a guy doing some really cool posters with spray paint. He had one there that looks just like Canada in the winter so I got Alissa to bargain down the price to 9 euros.

We found the markets and while trying on hats we met Rene. He was working at the hat stand and was flirting up a storm with the 3 of us. Alissa and Elissa both bought hats and we agreed to meet up with Rene for drinks later that night.

We met him at a tiny Irish pub and discovered that he is actually from Brazil. We decided to head to a club later and ended up in a place full of young, drunk americans. Interesting night to say the least.

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