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National Museum of Cambodia

Chiseling Away on a Stone Buddha

Buddha Factory

Building Buddha From Wood

A Monk Tries to Escape the Heat

The Independence Monument

Happy Hour at the Raffles Le Royal Hotel

Ann Taste Tests Cambodian Crab - good but MD wins!

We See Our German Friends Again

One Hot Guard!

The Throne Hall

Chan Chaya Pavillion

Banquet Hall

The Iron House - Gift From Napoleon III

Shrine of King Norodom

The Grounds of the Royal Palace

The Silver Pagoda

Phnom Mondap












Brad on the Esplanade

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

On route from Siem Reap to our next destination, we had another brief stop over in Phnom Penh, and this time opted to see more of the cultural side of the city. Its easy to imagine the city as it was under colonial rule with its wide boulevards and French architecture. We even indulged a little and went for drinks and snacks at the Raffles Le Royal Hotel. Afterwards it was off to the riverfront so that Ann could try some local crab. I can take Ann out of Maryland, but I just can't take Maryland out of Ann -she invariably prefers Maryland blue crab. But I have to say that the Cambodian crab was delicious.

The next day we headed to the National Museum and the Royal Palace. Like the temples of Angkor, these buildings were spared by the Khmer Rouge to demonstrate their "civility" to the outside world. At least the buildings survived. Inside the grounds of the Royal Palace is the Silver Pagoda, one of the holiest Buddhists temples in Cambodia. The temple gets its name from thousands of silver tiles that cover the floor and it houses some 1500 Buddha images. It also contains gifts to the Cambodian royal family and jeweled royal possesions.

Ann loved the Royal Palace for the diversity of brightly colored flowers that littered the grounds. Between the buildings and the flowers, she was having a field day with the camera! Hope you enjoy them as much as she did!

Of course one of our most unexpected and delightful surprises was bumping into our friends Kevin and Tilo again. For the seven days we've been in Cambodia, we have seen these guys on five of the days. They sure do make great travelling companions but sadly from here we definitely part ways -we are heading towards Bangkok and they to Saigon. Auf wiedersehen!

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