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Here's the view from our dining room window. The golf course is...

The resort is on the lower slope of the Sandia Mountains and...

Today the sky was clear and just as the sun sets it...

This photo from Oct. 1 shows Peter Cuneo at the controls ready...

(Ron Writing) We left the Fiesta campground around 9 AM and spent the rest of the morning catching up on chores. We needed to fill up with fresh water, dump the tanks, do laundry, get gas in the truck and generator, and do some shopping. Early this afternoon we drove over to the Sandia Casino and Resort here in Albuquerque. Like many casinos this one allows, actually welcomes, RVs to park overnight free in their huge parking lot. We found a nice quiet spot at the back edge of the lot near the golf course and then went in to enjoy their lunch buffet. This casino was built about 5 years ago is one of the nicest ones we’ve seen. The buffet was excellent.

We then went to the main desk and signed up for a “players card”. They are running a special promotion this month for new “players” where they give you $40 credit on your card to use in any of their slot machines. We are not gamblers and we really didn’t know how to operate these electronic bandits or interpret the various displays statusing our winnings. We played all $80 on two nickel slot machines and by the time we had exhausted the free $80, the machines had printed out little slips of paper indicating that we had won a total of $98.15!! We still weren’t sure they would actually give us the cash or just allow us to keep playing some more with those credit slips but we went over to the cashier's booth and sure enough they gave us the cold hard cash! Not bad for a couple rank amateurs. But since we know there was not a bit of skill involved here we just took the money and walked out.

The 15th annual America’s Balloon Race ended today. Six hydrogen or helium filled balloons took off from the Fiesta launch field a couple days ago. This is a distance race and today the final balloon touched down near Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The winning balloon (still unofficial until judges review all data) was flown by two Albuquerque residents, Barbara Fricke and Peter Cuneo. Coincidentally it was Peter Cuneo who was piloting the gas balloon which I and a couple other Boomers helped launch from the school parking lot on October 1. Peter asked one of the other Boomers helping to go on the ride just as he was taking off.

The weather was beautiful again. In fact we’re told that the weather during the Balloon Fiesta this year was about as good as it has ever been.

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