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It had rained heavily for two days, we were getting cabin fever so we headed to the Sygun Copper Mine at Beddgelert. We were surprised that Daisy was allowed in the mine and she did very well with the experience considering she had to climb 186 open steps

Within the hillside above Beddgelert several lodes - steeply inclined (or often vertical) veins or seams of minerals, have been mined for the copper-ore that they contained. The main activity of mining took place during Victorian times with the mine changing hands several times before it closed in 1903. Mining for most of Sygun's history was achieved by miner’s hand-drilling holes with a hammer and chisel that were subsequently packed with gunpowder and ignited. As they removed the ore and waste rock they left pillars of rock to support the roof and hammered metal pegs into the walls to support wooden ledges or floors to stand on. Waste rock from these higher workings was piled on the timber so the floor rose with the miner. It certainly hard work and long

With the mine being closed for a long time (reopened in the 1980’s as a tourist attraction) stalactite and stalagmites had formed in some of the old caverns which added to the atmosphere in the mine.

It had been an interesting visit.

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