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John Checks The Mud


Collecting Driftwood

From The Bridge

Harbor Seals

Harbor Seals

Good Stretch

Seal Yoga

I'm Cutest

Falcon On Her Side of the Bridge

My Side of the Bridge and Our Campground

Calla Lily at Campground

Devil's Churn

Cape Perpetua Lookput

Oregon Coast from Lookout

Oregon Coast from Lookout

Stone Parapet

Oregon Coast from Lookout


Sitka Spruce

Oregon Iris

Common Foxglove

Who's Wet?

Heceta Head Lighthouse Under Wraps


On The Oregon Coast!

It is sunny all day with NO rain!

We start our morning here in Waldport. John takes the path to the beach with his fishing pole. He comes back with driftwood.

I head to the bridge. As I start across the bridge, I notice someone walking on the other side. Here comes the falcon. That is her side of the bridge. She dive bombs us and then sits on top of the bridge. I continue and return with pictures of harbor seals.

After our morning exercise, we travel south to Florence along the Pacific Coast Highway. Florence is only thirty-five miles away.

We take the beach loop in Yachats. I take pictures.

We arrive at Devil’s Churn in Cape Perpetua. I take pictures and get a map of the area.

We drive to the Cape Perpetua overlook. It is a hard climb but well worth the effort. The views of the coast are perfect. We hike the Whispering Spruce Loop Trail. I take more pictures of the coast, the spruce trees and the wildflowers.

Back on Highway 101, we stop at the Visitor Center. We watch a movie on grey whales. We look at the exhibits that include a display of agates. There are many more hikes here but we have hit our limit.

We stop at an overlook where I get a picture of Heceta Head Lighthouse. Well, I kind of get a picture. It is being renovated.

We continue down the coast marveling at the beauty. The highway from Waldport to Florence is probably the best we have seen! We stop briefly at the Sea Lions Cave. It is a bit commercial for us and requires more hiking. We travel on.

We arrive in Florence in time for lunch. Hey, it was thirty-five miles away!

We drive the old bay front but there is no RV parking. Florence is a large town so we circle back to Route 101. We find Nature’s Corner. I am glad there was no parking on the bay. I want to try everything on this menu! The food is wonderful and we have leftovers for dinner.

We head back to Waldport knowing that our return trip will not take us long. We will not be making any stops. How many people believe that?

Okay, we make one stop at a creek and go agate hunting. A father and son from Idaho stop to talk. “What are you looking for?” I share with him my limited agate knowledge. I think I found one today!

It is another full day. Tomorrow, we head inland again.

Campground: Newport/Waldport KOA

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