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The terrain is changing as we head up to the reservoir


Bowery Creek


Creek near the Y.M. Campground

Yankee Meadow Reservoir

Heading up to the parking lot


No camping here

Different look this year



Crazy Aspen

Heading out on 049. They had rain recently.

A little fawn trying to catch up with mom

Family is still behind us


Nice rockery wall for the creek heading down the mountain


Noah & Kolten tossing sticks to see if they would float down...

Makaila & Kolten


Back into the red rock area of the drive


The rocks changed color and shapes again


Center Creek flowing over the road



Heading down the mountain

Len going through

Wally having a good time!

Spotted this tucked in a driveway at a private resident

This is what we came home to...get dinner started quick

We are continuing to explore Yankee Meadows on USFR 049 (First Left Hand Canyon) our final destination being Yankee Meadows Reservoir. It looked threatening of rain, but we didn't get rained on. We made a quick detour into the Y.M. campground to check out their restrooms. Not many people in the campground. Bowery Creek parallels the road up to the reservoir, so pretty as it meanders through the meadow. The reservoir was quite low compared to last year and the sky was overcast, but it sure made for some great shots.

As we were getting ready to leave we noticed a dirt road continued on past the reservoir. Group con-census was to check it out. Our exploration continues and we found ourselves connecting to USFR 048 (Second Left Hand Canyon). It was a pretty drive through the forest crossing over Center Creek, which we stopped to check out. We kept our eye to the sky, but never did get rained on, but did have to drive through a bit of the creek that was running high over the road. Len enjoyed driving through the water and then backing up and cleaning the wheels off again. We think our brother-in-law, Wally had more fun driving thru it than Len did as evidenced by a picture of him splashing thru big time . It was a great day off of our mountain, and we escaped the rain. That is until we got back to camp. We were able to get dinner and then the sky opened up. What a fun day with family!

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