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View from our hostel room

A peculiar feature of cross-Pacific travel is the International Date Line. Runnning true north-south roughly between Australia and Hawaii, it is an artificial boundary. To the west of it, you are a day ahead of those to the east.

We flew across it last night. That meant that sometime around halfway through our 10 hour flight, we went from early morning April 23 to very early morning April 22. We landed in Honolulu around 6AM in a time and date haze.

That does not excuse my minor hostel booking error. I had booked us on the wrong coast of the Big Island.

I corrected the error but was charged a night's lodging.

These things happen to a weary traveler.

After our first nap, we went for lunch. A peculiar feature of the meal was drink refills. We had crossed a major international cultural practice line. This one I like.

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