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Field Lock



Swing Gate


Successfully through the double lock, we only managed to half fill the tank the water as the pressure was so slow it took 2 hours just to get half way!! and we needed to get moving to negotiate the next set of 3 locks.

Field Locks were about 20 minutes from the last locks and we arrived there around 2.40pm.

By the time we had worked our way up to the top lock it was almost dark - we had also been rained on with the most icy rain and wind and I haven't felt so cold in a very, very, very long time - I thought my fingers were icicles. It was just after 5pm when we moored up just at the top of the lock. Hot showers soon warmed us up, but it was the standing still while the locks filled with water that was the killer.

We're slowly getting there - Liverpool is getting closer by the week.

We had a few swing gates this morning.

And we got to Shipley and had to put the roof down to get under the last bridge of the day which was a bit chilly.

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