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Fayetteville NC to Myrtle Beach, SC

Bright greens and brilliant blue sky

Patriotic Water Tower

Manicured tree lined highway

We saw these signs for miles before the border

They don't want you to miss it

Coming closer

"Good Feelin' Active Wear" ???

Even Christmas items

Here it is - South of The Border - tourist shops

Welcome to South Carolina

Swamp Fox Casino

More tourist shops

Still a lot of farms and ranches

Funny name - the Little Pee Dee River

Coming closer to the coast

Conway Oxidation Pond

Horry County Georgetown Technical College

Crossing the Inter-coastal Waterway

Hitting the Strand

Welcome to Myrtle Beach

Heading to the State Beach

Our campground

Long shady road into the campground

Did I say this was a long shady road . . ....

The Atlantic Ocean at last

A lovely sandy, shady campsite in the pines

View out of our front windshield

Google Earth overview of Myrtle Beach, We are yellow dot

Historical site with a Cotton Press

More of the North Carolina interstate is landscaped with lovely trees and more colorful flowers. As we neared the southern border of North Carolina we began to see bill boards for the tourist travel stop called “South of the Border” with a Mexican theme. It advertised much of their tourist items to make sure to catch your tourist dollars before you pass by.

Then we crossed into South Carolina, towards Myrtle Beach for a few days. South Carolina’s highway are back to natural, no pretty flowers. We passed the Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex/Casino which made us remember the legendary Revolutionary Hero of South Carolina, Francis Marion who was nicknamed the Swamp Fox for his ability to evade capture hiding in the swamps.

For a refresher on Francis Marion, Visit SWAMP FOX.

We began crossing several rivers and parts of the inter-coastal waterway on our way to Myrtle Beach. This is quite a busy tourist town with many resorts and campgrounds and lots of restaurants and tourist shops.

The friends we are going to be seeing are staying at a commercial campground, but we chose to stay at the Myrtle Beach State Park which was quite lovely. The campsites are within the forested park, with a long walk (or drive) to the beach.

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