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Fishermans Wharf

Pier 39

Bubba Gump

Lunch at Fog Harbor

Hard Rock Cafe

Lots of people

Harbor Cruise time

On Board

Candy would like me there


San Francisco skyline

One end of Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz Guard Tower

Sea Lions

Liberty Ship History

Jeremiah O'Brien

SS Pampanito SS383

I waited around until around 10:00 am before we took the drive into the city, San Francisco. It wasn’t a bad drive, only took around 45 minutes to cover the 33 miles. We arrived at our destination for the day, the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. We walked around on Pier 39, which is the center piece of the area. That is where several of the shops and restaurants are located. Had to get our parking pass validated since it cost $9.00 per hour to park. After all the validating instead of paying full price of $54.00 for the 6 hours we were there, it only cost of $18.00, nothing is cheap here. We took a harbor cruise which took us under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz Island. We then had lunch at the Fog Harbor restaurant, only had Fish and Chips and Shrimp and Chips, $64.00 which was the cheapest menu item. Like I said everything is expense here. We walked around some more looking at stuff and decided it was time to return to the motorhome, it was now 4:00 pm, the worst time to leave. It took us 2 hours to drive the 33 miles back, and it was nerve wracking. These people in California drive like crazy people, drive 70 mile per hour and then stop. Motorcycles travel between the lanes and roar pass you at high rates of speed. Wonder how many have been killed, but it legal here in California.

You all know me, if there is a naval ship around I will find it and here they are.

SS Jeremiah O'Brien is a Liberty ship built during World War II and named for American Revolutionary War ship captain Jeremiah O'Brien. Now based in San Francisco, she is a rare survivor of the 6,939-ship armada that stormed Normandy on D-Day, 1944. In 1994 the Jeremiah O'Brien steamed through the Golden Gate bound for France. She went down the West Coast, through the Panama Canal, and crossed the Atlantic for the first time since World War II. Stopping first in England she continued on to Normandy, where Jeremiah O'Brien and her crew (a volunteer crew of veteran World War II-era sailors and a few cadets from the California Maritime Academy) participated in the 50th Anniversary of Operation Overlord, the allied invasion that turned the tide of World War II in Europe. She was the only large ship from the original Normandy flotilla to return for the event. There are only 3 Liberty ships still intact, the rest were cut up for scrap.

USS Pampanito (SS-383/AGSS-383), a Balao-class submarine, was a United States Navy ship, the third one named for the pompano fish. She completed six war patrols from 1944 to 1945 and served as a Naval Reserve Training ship from 1960 to 1971. She is now a National Historic Landmark, preserved as a memorial and museum ship in the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association located at Fisherman's Wharf

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