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We Stayed With Our Friends At The Delhi Airport Radisson Hotel Between...

It Truly Was An Oasis Of Luxury After A Week In The...

By Booking Well Ahead Of Time, Our Friend Paul Got A Great...

As Far As I Was Concerned, This Was A World-Class Hotel

Cathy And I Treated Ourselves To Pedicures In The Delightful Hotel Spa

I Thought I'd Show You A Few Photos Of The Hotel Because...

This Is The Fountain At The Entrance To The Spa



After flying back to Delhi from Jodhpur, the Moreaus spent a few days visiting an old friend from their days when they lived in Saudi Arabia. We relaxed back at Anil’s brother’s home, ate Neeta’s terrific cooking once again, and got caught up on our laundry. We decided to spend our last night in Delhi (before leaving for Bhutan) at the Airport Radisson Hotel with the Moreaus. We had an early morning flight and we felt it would be better if we were all together so that there was no chance of any of us missing the flight.

The hotel was stunningly beautiful. It’s great to see such fine construction being undertaken in India these days. Cathy and I treated ourselves to pedicures in the hotel spa. The best thing of all was the fact that we got a fine rate for our stay; Paul had booked the rooms months in advance.


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